Recycled PET flakes

Non food grade rPET flakes: high quality, mechanically recycled PET

Ecoibéria transforms plastic PET waste into high-grade flakes that conform to EuCertPlast standards. These quality recycled PET flakes are suitable for use in textiles, building materials, and non-food-grade packaging.

The Ecoibéria factor 

Recycling plastics is remarkably challenging. We take immense pride in our ability to recycle bulk post-consumer bottles and plastic production waste into high-quality rPET flakes.

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100% Recycled PET flakes
Our raw materials are post-consumer PET and PET pre-consumer production waste. There are no virgin PET materials or resins in Ecoibéria rPET flakes.
Quality inputs
We guarantee no more than 5% of our feedstock is non-food grade PET and verify quality through gas chromatography analysis.
Stringent sorting
We use automated optical and mechanical sorters plus hands-on expertise to separate bulk plastic materials into color consistent streams.
Rigorous washing and debris separation
Label material, trace metals, and debris are the enemy of quality recycled plastics. We use a multi-stage process to remove contaminants and deliver finished rPET flakes with minimal foreign materials.
Sustainably (and ethically) manufactured
Ecoibéria processes meet: ISO 14001:2015; ISO 9001:2015; SC HOTO 132; Recyclass; EuCertPlast.
Certified rPET flakes
We sample each Big Bag of bulk rPET flakes—approximately 16 tons—to ensure the materials meet or exceed EuroCertPlast standards EuCertPlast standards EN 15343:2007 and EN 15348: for color, consistency, and purity.

Ecoibéria non food grade rPET flakes  

Ecoibéria non food grade flakes are quality recycled PET flakes made from post-consumer PET bottles. 

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