Making bottle-to-bottle a reality

The path from recycling bin to a new, 100% recycled bottle is a long, meticulous journey filled with conscientious consumers, expert sorters, and lots and lots of washing.

If you want to go far, you go together

Ecoibéria is among the first members to sign the Global Commitment to create a circular economy for plastics.
The target is to grow the quantity, and quality, of recycled plastic, and increase the ratio of recycled over landfilled and incinerated plastic weight.

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What Sustainability means to us

For Ecoibéria, sustainability means creating value, eliminating waste and reducing CO2 emissions. 

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Why? Because all the recycled PET content we produce has environmental and social consequences.

Delivering high quality recycled PET is a big responsibility, and we take their entire lifecycle into consideration, from when consumers place their packaging in the waste bin, until we deliver them recycled and ready to used.

We are present at every stage, from the moment a package is produced up to the day it is broken-down and transformed into a new bottle.

Creating a circular economy for plastic

Closing the loop to create a zero-waste lifecycle for PET plastic packaging




Working for Ecoibéria is working to protect the future, the people and the environment. Our main goal is to create a better world, a sustainable one.

Vitor Guerreiro, Logistics Manager

Recycling PET is a no brainer

When you recycle a water bottle, you’re supporting a growing, circular economy for PET plastics that saves resources while keeping plastic waste out of our environment.

Consumers buy product
Consumer deposits used packaging in the recycling bin
Waste collectors separate plastics and deliver them to recyclers
Recyclers like Ecoibéria transform used plastic into rPET flakes and pellets
Manufacturers produce new packaging using recycled content

Seven facts about PET recycling

PET is the most recycled plastic in the world

PET can be recycled many times over

Recycled PET can serve many purposes in many different products

Demand for recycled PET is very high and supply is limited

The more we recycle PET, the more it will be used

 Recycling PET saves energy, reduces CO2 emissions, and reduces landfill waste

PET recycling facilities create job opportunities, improving the quality of life for local communities  

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