Recycling PET is a no brainer

When you recycle plastic packaging, you’re supporting a growing, circular economy for PET plastics that saves energy and resources while keeping plastic waste out of our environment. 

Consumers buy product
Consumer deposits used packaging in the recycling bin
Waste collectors separate plastics and deliver them to recyclers
Recyclers like Ecoibéria transform used plastic into rPET flakes and pellets
Manufacturers produce new packaging using recycled content




I love what I do. Leading teams that take "waste" and sort it into viable material to produce quality recycled content, that in turn becomes different products, is exciting. 

Cândida Sousa, Responsible for Sorting

The Ecoibéria recycling process

The Ecoibéria recycling process

Receiving and tagging
First, we receive batches and bales of post-consumer plastic and waste from PET manufacturing processes. Then we tag each batch so that we can trace it throughout the entire recycling process.
Sorting happens in two stages—automated sorting performed by machines and a fine-tuning pass made by our expert team.
Grinding and washing
After sorting, the material is ground into small flakes, then passed through a hot washing system.
Final Sort
The washed flakes enter an optical sorting system where all polymer and color contaminants are eliminated, ensuring high-quality recycled PET flakes.
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